Welcome! (Take 2)

We all dream about seeing the world and meeting all kinds of exotic people and trek through amazing adventures. I know I sure do! Whether it’s traveling to explore different cultures and learn or to go somewhere where nobody knows you to relax for a bit, traveling is one of the biggest past times in our world! According to usatravel.com, about 46 million people travel to the United States every year and over 1 billion people travel worldwide!

Whatever your definition of travel may be, it’s important to get an outside perspective on things to see if you truly are getting what you may desire. While reading my blog, or any other travel blog (even by the experts) please take our advice with a grain of salt and try to see the world from your own beautiful perspective. You’ll be reading and seeing pictures from a lot of my personal experiences and how I personally handled situations. So be open minded as to how you would feel in these situations!

I decided to start a travel blog after a serious bout of chronic anxiety mixed with depression. It wasn’t life threatening or anything – but it was enough to make me reevaluate my life after I graduated college. I am not spontaneous enough to backpack across the globe, but I do travel as much as I possibly can within a reasonable budget… even if it’s within my home state of Ohio!

I am always up for finding the gems of our great nation and hope you find life as wonderful as I do!

Cheers, B.




(Featured Photo provided by FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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