From Someone That’s Been There

Vacation planning is one of the most daunting tasks about traveling. For someone who has a lot of stress related anxiety, it can be my worst nightmare! I have a bad habit of wanting everything to be planned perfectly and not letting anything happen at random (god-forbid something come up)!

With this disorder-thing I have going on, my  boyfriend and I have decided that I’m not allowed to plan the vacation down to the minute – which is a huge relief for everyone involved! It’s less stress on planning for me and less stress on following the itinerary for him! Makes perfect sense!

My biggest problem with that is the hotels. You see, he and I are driving from Kentucky to Orlando, FL next week. My aunts are letting me use their condo in Kissimmee for the week. But since we’re driving, we have to have a hotel at the halfway point to sleep!

Our problem is that we’re driving at night and aren’t sure when we’re going to be at our halfway point. So I don’t know wether to book a room for June 22nd or the 23rd! I’ve looked at and found some great deals on some rooms at cheaper hotels for us to rest our heads at. So I recommend looking there if you need to book a last minute hotel! You can even package car and hotel together at a decent low rate.

With our vacation to Florida, we decided to…well… “wing-it” as far as the rest-stop hotel goes! We have found our halfway point to be in Macon, GA and I’ve begun looking at some cheaper (but not too cheap) hotels in the area! Kayak,, and (especially if you are a AAA member…discounts!!) are all great websites to use to look at average rates of hotels in the area of your choosing.

Even if you’re just winging-it like we are, it’s important to budget out an average price for a one night stay in a hotel. You don’t want to get screwed over by having to stay at a big, expensive hotel for only one night to sleep and then leave the next morning! It’s best to get a 2 or 3 star hotel so your head can rest comfortably with out fear of getting anything stolen/broken into or having to cuddle up with some cockroaches…but you can also save some money for your actual vacation relaxation!

There’s got to be some balance in your planning. Be able to be spontaneous, but know your budget and a general idea of what you want to accomplish. You can plan, but you can’t control everything!



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