Boggy Creek Airboat Tours, Kissimmee, FL

Location: Has two locations (one on Southport Rd in Kissimmee and one in East Lake in Orlando). This review is on the Southport Road site. 2001 East Southport Road Kissimmee, FL 34746.

Phone: 407-344-9550 Fax: 407-348-0107 E-mail: Website: HERE

Ease of Access to the Site: It’s just one turn off of Irlo Bronson Highway (Hwy 192) in Kissimmee right after mile marker 10 onto Poinciana Blvd. You just follow that straight through till you’re just about in the middle of nowhere and the road turns into Southport Road (there’s a sign indicating such). It’s about 19 miles down Poinciana/Southport. You’ll pass a few cattle ranches and camp grounds and then at the very end of the road (it does come to a dead end) on the left sits Boggy Creek.

Upkeep: The grounds look a little humble from afar, but everything is quite nice! There’s not a thing there that had me worried about cleanliness or safety. The airboats are well-maintained and are stocked full of safety equipment such as first aid, life jackets (adult and child), and a kit if the boat loses power or something (flare, map, etc).

Tours Available: 30-minute rolling tours, 1-hour night tours, private tours. The 30-minute tours go all day long and do not require reservations. Neither do the 1-hour tours. Though you can call and make reservations! It’s all about what’s easiest for you! Sometimes you may get there and have to wait for a tour to come back and that can be anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes! So be flexible, or make reservations to fit your schedule.

Good for all ages: Absolutely. Kids of all ages got on and off the boats for tours. The tours do not get too crazy at all and the little ones should be fine to go out on the lake!

Food/Concessions: They have a gift shop that has all kinds of nick-nacks and even houses a few coolers of drinks and a freezer full of ice cream. Other than that, no concessions. Though if you want to bring a sack or picnic lunch, there are picnic tables available in the campsite that is attached. They also do catering!

Other amenities: RV/tent camping, fishing guides, pavilion rentals, catering, boat launches, catering, and bus parking.

Staff Personalities: All sorts! And they’re all good! I didn’t meet one disgruntled person both times I went there! Even when it was pouring rain at the end of the day, they stayed chipper.

Best time to visit: I prefer mornings because it will be cooler. Once you’re out on the lake you’re sitting in straight sunlight and it will get very hot and very humid very fast. The tours are easier to get on as well.

Hours of Operation: 365 days a year, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (with the last tour having to be booked by 5:00 PM)…weather permitting. If it rains, or storms, at all the tours go on rain delay or are even cancelled for the day.

They are accommodating to these weather inconveniences and will give you a rain check to come back when it’s nicer out! The rain checks do not expire. You just have to leave them your legal name and they’ll give you a ticket that guarantees you your tour! Easy as that!

Tips/Tricks for making the best out of your visit:

Be honest. Know what you want and they will work with you to make sure you get the best experience possible.

Have fun with the before ride photo! They photoshop you in an airboat surrounded by giant gators! It’s touristy and absolutely fun – all the creative possibilities you have are endless. They have photo samples of people looking frightened, putting their heads in the ‘gators’ mouth, using a sibling as a human shield, etc. Just have fun with it!

Be engaged! Ask questions, be engaged in conversation, etc. The staff love it when you have questions and banter back! There’s plenty of personality for everyone here to connect with. Not to mention this is a place of learning! Fun learning, but learning, haha! They do focus on alligator conservation and education!

Stay for the alligator show after your tour! They are in cahoots with an alligator conservation agency that has representatives that have a tank of gators and even a baby gator for demonstration purposes. They tell you about the gators and open the floor for questions. After the Q-n-A, there is time for people to take pictures holding the baby alligator (it’s safe, I promise!). After the gator show, you can purchase the pictures they took of you and the baby alligator. The prices are a little steep ($15 per picture), but the proceeds do go to their conservation efforts to help the alligators. If the $15 is a bit much for you and everyone to get an individual picture, I’d suggest doing a group photo. There is such thing as wallet conservation, too! But please, please think of the animals. Just think of how that picture is going to bring back all the good memories of your time at Boggy Creek! Ah, heart warming…


I truly had a great experience at Boggy Creek. The staff is very welcoming and made me feel like family and were very accommodating to our and the weathers needs. The tour itself was a bundle of fun! Our guide was knowledgable of the animals antics and the area and how to navigate both in a safe, but adventurous manner. Even the other passengers on the boat were as outgoing and friendly as the staff were! Good people attract good people!


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