Goodbye, Byron!

My, oh, my! What a time thus far. It was a little interesting on the last leg of the drive. We actually paid attention to a GPS and were too lazy to look at a real map. We left Byron, GA in a rush. We were anxious to get out of that town where we had such a poor experience (and believe me, we’re still feeling that poor experience internally…in our bowels o_o). Our drive was nice and quiet as we left the sunny state of Georgia.

It was exciting, pulling up to Orlando and seeing all the billboards and exit signs for attractions we know and love. Orlando has a super tourist-y feel to it. Yet, I kind of enjoy all of the outrageous buildings and tourist traps. Everything is immensely colorful in this town with all of the brightly colored signs to easily attract people.

We had dinner at the local Ihop when we hit Kissimmee…and well… service was less than primo. The waitresses were more concerned with talking about what they were going to do that night than making money. The food was good though. I’ve never had a bad experience with an Ihop.

Later we drove up and down the main strip (192) in Kissimmee. We finally found a little hole in the wall-type-place called Atlas Hookah to hang out. It is located on the side of a strip mall off of 192. It wasn’t busy at all. Though most hookah bars aren’t busy until the sun goes down and most tourists are too afraid to go to one because some hookah bars can get a little territorial. Atlas Hookah Lounge was completely chill. It is nicely decorated and has new flat screens and a good sound system.

The one guy that was working there was super nice and helpful and best of all, he didn’t treat us like tourists! Sometimes you just know when people know you’re not from around their neck of the woods. He treated us like old friends. The actual hookah pipe was decent. I’m kind of spoiled with hookah as it is, so going out to a hookah bar can be a little off-putting to me. But Atlas uses Al Fakher shisha (or hookah tobacco) and that’s fine by me! I’m a big fan of that particular brand (you can buy it here if you’re interested).

We called the rest of the night off and spent the last remaining hours of our consciousness sitting poolside at the Wyndham Cypress Palms Resort…but more on that luxury later!


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