Reinventing the Style of Travel

I’m finally done with summer session one classes and work for the day…well the next week. It’s finally time for some R&R in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida! We’ve only got a few last minute things to get finished before we hit the road with Georgia in our sights.

I’ve been rather lackadaisical about this trip and I wish I could give you all a methodical way to go about planning for those of us who are less organized than others. But maybe this can be a lesson on going-with-the-flow type traveling. I feel like, all too often, we get wrapped up in the pomp and circumstance of planning a vacation to fit a specific mold with travel agents, reservations, itineraries and timing everything to the minute!

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling the after effects of graduating college and just want to free myself, or maybe it’s time to reinvent travel trends… Make it an adventure rather than a checklist on a page. I had a friend tell me that travel itineraries are just like bucket-lists – they’re for the dying. He told me to live a little and just do what was going to make me and my boyfriend happy that day and what would be permitted at the time (situational planning, I guess).

My biggest fear is dying! I mean, it’s scary right?! So when he said that checklists are for travelers are like bucket-lists… It really sunk in quick. I felt that planning was going to give me total control over everything and it’s absolutely not. You can’t control life! You can plan to go to the beach one day and get there and it’s pouring down rain all day long and now you have nothing to do but to pack up and head home.

I’m trying my hardest to keep that in mind. I’m 23 years old and have to teach myself to relax and have fun! So far for this trip I haven’t planned anything except: what day we’re leaving/heading back, what resort we’re staying at, and what the first drink I’m going to have down there is (margarita on the rocks).

It’s a good feeling to just be winging it. We are about to hit the road to Georgia and drive till we feel tired and then find a hotel. I’ll update you on the adventure once we find a place to rest our heads for the night.




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