There’s a Snake in my Boot!

Well not a snake… And I don’t wear boots. But I have already had my fair share of critters on this vacation adventure. We made it safely to our first destination and had quite an easy drive. We made it all the way from Lexington, KY to Byron, GA   in one shot. Not too shabby for a ’97 Saturn, eh?

Oh boy did the adventure start when we got to Byron. We were trying to save some cash on hotels just to be safe – which is a good idea in case something accidental happens – but in this particular case, we could have dropped another 10 dollars and had a better experience.

We decided to stay at a Budget Inn just off exit 149 in Byron, GA. I know, I know. It has “crappy motel” in the name. We were exhausted and hungry and just wanted a place to lay our heads for the night. And that’s pretty much all we got.

I could write a book on how to find quality hotels… But after staying here I could definitely write a second book on everything that went wrong at this hotel.

I’ll keep it as short as I possibly can and just give your top 10 reasons why I am never going to stay in Byron, GA:

1. There’s nothing to eat there except peaches. We had two options of eateries at 11:30 at night: a Waffle House and a Denny’s.

2. The Byron Denny’s 24-hour diner. Oh the things I am about to say… I worked at an Olive Garden in Richmond, KY for 4 years…So I know a good deal about the food industry. This Denny’s is on my top list of worst food joints I’ve ever been too. The wait staff was slow even though there were only 3 tables in the entire place and two staff members. The cook was also the host and the cashier and the busboy.

Our actual waitress was slow and extremely awkward. She would back away from the table and stare awkwardly at us and smile. It was something out of a horror movie.

Then there was our half cooked entrees. The food was lukewarm even though I watched it come straight out of the kitchen.

3-8. The Budget Inn. This is the biggest problem I’ve had with this town.

  a. The desk worker was in a T-shirt and jeans and let her kid deal with all the transactions and customer relations.

  b. Our room was trashy. Literally. I sat down on the love seat and found a cigarette box wrapper and a napkin on it.

  c. The door didn’t quite shut right and it leaked all the cold air out and all the Georgia bugs in.

  d. Speaking of bugs… There was a cockroach that crawled across the floor. We smushed it and put it in a Ziplock Bag with a note that said “our unwanted visitor” for the house keepers.

  e. We found a little green frog in our bathtub this morning. Not as gross as the bugs and the cockroach; but still not acceptable. I guess the place needs a balance in the ecosystem… Something to eat all of the bugs inhabiting the room!

  f. The bed. I thoroughly checked for bed bugs and didn’t see any signs of them, thank goodness. But there were still stains all over the mattress, sheets, and pillows. None of the bed fittings matched. The comforter was green and red. The sheets were pink and cigarette burned. And the pillows were white with brown stains.

  g. The overall cleanliness of the place was wretched. It smelled nice in the room. But upon closer look, there were all kinds of stains on everything – mostly water stains. There was also short coarse hairs on most surfaces.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t take my sandals off at all the entire night. Even when in the shower and sleeping. Ugh. I was not comfortable.

  h. All of the hotel room comforts were taken from other hotels. The complementary cups were from a holiday inn and still showed the old flower logo! The serving tray and ice bucket were from a super 8 motel and the towels (which looked like they had all been used by a mechanic previously) were from a Best Western! I don’t even want to know where the bed fittings came from…

9. The “free-wifi” at the gas stations, hotel, and the Denny’s did not work. No matter how many log-in’s and things we tried to connect on, neither of us could get connected to wifi on either of our computers or phones.

10. My spirit for this beautiful state is still broken. My first time here I got cut off while driving through Atlanta and was one of 5 cars that were affected by that bad move. And now I have this experience.

I do find Georgia to be a beautiful state to drive through and the people I’ve met here, with the exception of the awkward waitress, are wonderful – I just haven’t had much of a good experience here and I truly want to.

Cheers for now,



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