UNO! Chicago Grill, Kissimmee, FL

The greatest thing about Kissimmee, and specifically the location of our resort, is that you can walk outside and be able to walk to a surplus of stores and restaurants.

Right outside of the resort there is a small strip of restaurants including Macaroni Grill, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, and our choice for the evening… UNO Chicago Grill.

Neither of us had any idea what to expect going there. When you walk in its a nice mix of classic city restaurant and Olive Garden – kind of like an Old Chicago. The lights are dimmed and the decor is deco-rustic chic.

We were greeted promptly by the hostess and sat at a nice booth facing an open kitchen where we could watch our food being prepared. Our waitress was quick to greet us and get our drink order.

Then it got weird! I noticed that we had a little tablet set up on our table that had buttons for various things such as games and buttons to order more bar drinks and ¬†deserts/appetizers. Our waitress kind of let the computer do the work. We don’t see her for a good 15 minutes.

It wasn’t that she delivered bad service, it’s just that it was shared good service with a computer! You could even call a manager and your server with the touch of a button. The coolest part was that you could pay at the table computer. Easy-peasy! When you’re ready to leave, no waiting on anyone, you just pay at your table.

When it comes to our food: the boy and I weren’t feeling too adventurous. We had food cravings and we needed them fixed ASAP. I got an individual Chicago deep dish pizza with kalamata olives and he got a grilled chicken Caesar salad.

The food was ridiculously good and definitely satisfied our cravings.

The wait staff was good and personable and the cooks really did their job… So did those nifty little tablets on the tables! What a neat little way for guests to pass time and keep the little ones entertained.


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