4 Ways Traveling Is Therapeutic

For the past year or so I have been dealing with a crippling anxiety disorder. It was so bad I had to just lay in bed all the time and sleep off the attacks. It wasn’t until I sought psychiatric help from a university counsler whom recommended traveling to me that I was able to start living my life again.

Though there are many reasons that point to traveling being therapeutic, I also know many of us are short on time! Here are your top 4 reasons traveling can help you out therapeutically:

1. The most obvious is that it is an indepth project that distracts the planner from whatever ails them. It puts “going to your happy place” into realistic goals. Pick a place and plan a little whenever you feel anxious, panicky, depressed or whatever… just make a small goal and reach it. In a years time, you can be able to actually be at your happy place!

2. If you are traveling with your significant other or family, traveling can be a great method of spending time together or reconnecting. Driving while traveling is a great method of doing this. Nothing says ‘quality time’ quite like cramming you, your loved ones, and your luggage into a car for hours at a time.

Even if you all argue, it might be topics that need to be talked about. And if there is tension, you’ll forget all about it when you get to your destination.

3. Traveling is like hitting the reset button om your daily routine. You wake up, get ready, drive to work, work all day, drive home, eat, sleep, repeat 7x.

When you travel,  that breaks your drab routine for a while. As much as you don’t want to return to your routine, it might not be as drab when you go back. There may be some travel lag from being in the vacation mindset but you can definitely feel refreshed when returning to work. Getting these breaks from your routine can lead to more positive feelings and feelings of relaxation.

4. Being in a new place can help you do some intrinsic thinking. Getting into a new place where your surrounded by strangers can be scary. But it can also be bery beneficial in helping you find out more about yourself.

Just think about the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love. The main character travels to three places in the world and learns so much anout herself. From what kind of food she likes to reprioritizing her values and beliefs. She finds out what is important to her via good and bad experiences all over the world.

Traveling anywhere can have that effect on your body and soul. You just have to take a step outside of yourself and really enjoy what life has given you and what you have accomplished. Revel in the good and the bad experiences and learn from them.

A traveler can take these points and use them very medically. I sure did. I had to. But I had to figure them out for myself, too. The real point to these are really to relearn how to enjoy your life and to not worry so hard about every little thing.

Like my favorite artist, John Mayer, said in one of his newer songs, we live in the age of worry. We just need to learn to laugh in the face of worry and LIVE.

The Age of Worry by John Mayer (click the link to listen to the song and learn a little about life)


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