Adventure Throwback: Grand Teton’s ’07

(I apologize for the small picture! This is from an older camera.)

This adventure throwback is from 2007 when my family, girl scout troop, and I all went on a road trip out west! At this point in our trip, we had made it through Bozeman, MT, Gardiner, MT, Yellowstone National Park, and were on our way to Jackson Hole, WY.

Teton Mountain Range. Picture courtesy of 

We decided it was time to make a pit-stop at Grand Teton National Park. It was such a good idea! This was my second time to the Tetons and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of seeing that beautiful mountain range and it’s signature peak, Mount Moran. Our short adventure here consisted of the usual picture taking at all of the park designated trails and then going on a hike around Jenny Lake.

Jenny Lake with the Tetons in the back. Picture courtesy of

Jenny Lake sits right in front of the Tetons and has a few hiking trails that loop around the lake as well as venture into the surrounding lands. We decided to do a 3 mile trail that takes you around a good chunk of Jenny Lake and gets you a real good view of the glacier-formed mountain range.

It’s a great site for people who love nature and wish to see picturesque mountains and actual glaciers. It has some easy trails for beginning hikers and people who just want to stroll around the scenery. The park also has trails for more experienced and advanced hikers/climbers – there are even people who do expeditions up the side of the mountains! I would love to get to the peak of Mount Moran! I’ll do it someday…


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