Let Your Vacation Take Off With Orlando HeliTours, Kissimmee, FL

Location: This review is on the Kissimme location at 5519 W. Highway 192 Kissimmee, FL 34746

Phone: 407-397-0226 E-mail: Contact form on their website. Website: HERE

Ease of Access to Site: Super easy to get to Orlando HeliTours! It’s right in the heart of highway 192 in Kissimmee and can be seen from the road. Plus there are a ton of signs that point you directly to the site.

Upkeep: The upkeep is better than I expected. The helicopters seem rather new and even smelled nice. They also seemed to run smoothly – I honestly wouldn’t know otherwise seeing as I’ve never been in a helicopter.

Tours Available: They offer a variety of tours for a variety of prices. Most of them are of Disney property and the surrounding area. They do have a Disney fireworks tour and  a celebrity tour (which features Disney property, celebrity homes, surrounding lakes and resorts). So lots of good things offered!

One thing that stuck out to me was that I was shelling out $90 for me and my boyfriend to go up in a helicopter for a ride that lasted maybe 12 minutes total. To me, that’s a lot of money for anything less than 30 minutes. I’m practically paying $3.75/minute to be in the air! Don’t get me wrong, how many times am I a) going to be in a helicopter and b) going to have the money to get a helicopter ride? So I went along with it.

One thing I didn’t appreciate was that they strongly advertise their $20 helicopter rides on billboards and signs down the streets. First of all, the ride they are advertising is extremely basic. You go up 500 ft and you come back down (it’s not even advertised on their website!). Second of all, the $20 is the children’s price. Granted, the adult price for this basic flight is only $25, but still… Customers appreciate a little honesty. My beau and I knew very well that the flights were probably not going to be $20/person, so we were trying to not be too upset at the higher priced tours that were actually worth anything.

I know it’s a little discouraging to hear me say this stuff, but honestly prices are worse with other companies and the rides are not as long either! So really, this place is probably the best bang for your buck as far as helicopter tours go here in Kissimmee. 

Good for All Ages: Within reason. I wouldn’t bring a baby or a toddler on a helicopter, but that’s just me. As long as they’re able to sit up straight and wear a seatbelt without a car seat, it’s totally fine for them to go on a helicopter adventure!

Food/Concessions: They have bottled drinks available on site. No food. But the attraction is right on the main strip of Hwy 192 so there are lots of food options and even a Dippin’ Dots within walking distance from the attraction!

Other Amenities: Private tours!

Staff: The staff is all-in-all very personable and knowledgable about the business and the flights. The pilots are what sold me on things. They have years of pilot experience and can answer just about any question or fear you throw at them.

Ex. My boyfriend asked what would happen if one of the propellors went out and the pilot turned one of them off and demonstrated how the helicopter falls but it doesn’t plummet like in the movies. He handled it with care so no one would panic (IE. me).

Best Time to Visit: I went in the early afternoon  on a week day and we didn’t have to wait at all. I recommend doing things during the week to avoid waits. Tours are relitively short – so there’s usually no wait time. If you have a longer tour, or a private/night tour, please make a reservation! It will save you time!

Hours of Operations: 9:00 AM to sunset…weather permitting!

Tips/Tricks to make the best out of your visit:

Be brave! Heights and flying can both be daunting and downright frightening! But believe me, going on a tour in a helicopter is a great and often once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bring lots-o-$$$! Helicopter upkeep and business expenses for this line of work are not cheap. They take good care of their customers; so it’s rather worth it to shell out the big bucks to take your family on a tour. They also have an onsite photo service which takes pictures of you before and after your flight tour and you can pick from 2 of your favorite 15 shots taken at the end of the day for a hefty price of $24 (and some change/tax). The photos are high quality and you do have the creative freedom of picking your favorites – it’s pricey…but pictures are worth a thousand words and a lifetime of memories! Also, if you are really impressed, they do have merchandise that is for sale in the main office area.

Bring a camera (but don’t use flash). Cameras are an absolute must for this adventure! You can take pictures out of the windows of the helicopter and of each other (or what ever you please). I definitely recommend NOT using flash. Not only is it super distracting to the pilot, blinding to you and your fellow guests…but it creates a glare from the glass when you try to take a picture!



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