Adventure Throwback: Red River Gorge ’10


Red River Gorge is one of the amazing natural wonders of Kentucky. You could go there for two weeks and still not experience everything RRG has to offer! I spent one day there and only did three things. I did only one natural arch (Princess Arch, to be exact… It’s definitely one of my favorites), one hiking trail that led to a glorious cliff side where people were rock climbing, and one cave.

The picture above is from the cave we went through. It starts as, literally, a hole in the ground. You slide your way into the hole and crawl your way through some narrow passages and then it finally opens up into a wondrous cavern.

This cave is definitely not for caving newbies. They don’t have guided tours through caves like this. There is a lot of up and down climbing and no ropes to be used. You can even scale along the top of the cave. Eventually this magnificent piece of work opens up at the end and you can finally stand up straight for more than 20 feet.

Would I do this again? Totally!

Have I? YUP!


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