Spirit in the Sky: Part 2 – The Flight

About Spirit Airlines

Spirit prides itself on being simple and straightforward. According to its website, they have 4 things that make them unique and great: low fares, options or “frill control”, fresh (new) planes, and super cozy, very basic seating. After flying with them, I can attest that they practice what they preach.

From Spirit Airlines. We didn’t get a big yellow air taxi… We got the primary color air boat!

Onboard Comfort

This is a tricky thing to talk about. I’ve come to the conclusion that the people that fly with Spirit a) don’t have far to go b) are trying to save money or c)don’t care about luxuries and just want to go places fast. I say this because Spirit doesn’t have a lot of onboard comforts. On our flights to and from Myrtle Beach to Cleveland, there are no blankets, no pillows, etc.

The seats are your basic airline seats that feature cloth and leatherette and an awkward headrest for us shorter people. The legroom is also lacking, but they are very upfront about the lack of legroom and offer seats that have a whopping 4-inches more legroom than the normal seats. These seats with extra legroom are what one might call “first class” on other airways… The seats are wider and offer more space.


Spirit doesn’t offer any free mid-flight snacks or beverages but I was delighted to see they still offered a wide variety refreshments from soda and alcohol to chips and snack boxes. Granted a can of coke will cost you $3.. but if the need arises, the offer is there!

Entertainment/Internet Connectivity

Spirit is very consistent in their “no frills” attitude. They don’t offer any onboard movies/TV/music or wireless internet. They go above and beyond to keep the costs down by not unnecessarily weighing down the plan with things like internet modems. You are still able to bring forms of entertainment from home. I brought my Kindle and read the whole flight.


Flying with Spirit in July brought to my attention the new ways airlines are distributing boarding passes. No longer do you have to wait at a kiosk to get a pass (unless you want to…but it’ll cost you to do it the old fashioned way)! With Spirit, you can print your boarding pass at home for free.

Boarding the plane is the same as any other airline. Members/Credit Card holders can go first and then everyone else boards by section! Easy peasy!

Loyalty program/Mileage programs

Spirit has a few different options for loyalty programs. First and free, is the Free Spirit club. It is a free program to sign up for and you get to start racking up airline miles immediately!

They also have the Spirit Airlines Mastercard that you can sign up for (even able to apply for it mid-flight…should this be filed under onboard entertainment?). The Mastercard offers double miles for every $1 spent on the card, no blackout dates, preferred boarding, and $0 introductory fee for the first year (then it is $59 a year after that). This also comes in a business card form as well.

Then they have a “$9 fare club”. It offers super discounted fares and 50% off luggage. But do not be fooled… it does NOT cost $9 to join like the title may imply. It costs $59 a year for the first year and then renews automatically every year after that for $69.95!


As stated before in my first post about baggage with Spirit, they charge for damn near everything. No free carry-ons… but you do get a free personal item as long as it’s smaller than 16x14x12 inches! It bothered me that the bags cost so much to check…but it bothered me even more that checked bags were actually cheaper than carry-on bags!

**They now have updated baggage prices! Check it out by clicking here!!**

Crew review

I had come into this flight with an open mind but honestly not expecting much from Spirit. I was genuinely surprised with the flight crew on both the leaving and returning flights. The attendants were nice in both personality and professional appearance and treated everyone equally and with respect. They were informative and very professional.

I had read some reviews about the flights with Spirit beforehand and some people had complained about the flight attendants. I can honestly say I had a great encounter with the men and women that tended us on the flights. It’s all about how you treat people. Respect is mutual. One must show respect to gain respect. Always keep that in mind.

Pilot review

Both the pilots we encountered were exactly what you want out of a pilot. They both were informative and pleasant. They stood by the doors and wished us well as we got off the plane, too! What I liked best about both the pilots was that they communicated efficiently before/during/after the flight and both flights left and arrived to the destination early! Everyone,  including passengers, were on top of things! Go team!

Star rating

Gave it 4 out of 5 stars due to a few costly things such as baggage and in flight food. If I were a mean person, I’d rate lower for leg room but when flying with these discounted airlines you have to realize that this is what you signed up for!


1. Book early and buy your bags when you book! It is cheaper! If you don’t want to buy bags, learn to pack uber light in a bag small enough to bring on as a free personal item.

2. I would recommend using Spirit Airlines for short trips. Probably wouldn’t be comfortable for cross-country trips.

3. Bring your own entertainment… A good book, Gameboy (do they still make those….?), tablet with games on it or something to keep you entertained.

4. Be open minded and polite onboard. Everyone is all trying to get to the same place and everyone is packed into the cabin like sardines on a hot summer day.

Contact Information

For full contact information click here.

Website: Spirit.com

Phone: 801.401.2222


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