Adventure Throwback: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Warehouse C – one of the original buildings still standing today.

This Adventure Throwback comes from this past spring in my Ol’ Kentucky Home! Buffalo Trace sits quietly in the rolling hills in the heart of the bluegrass state. It is Kentucky’s (and the nations) oldest bourbon distillery. Fun fact: It was even open during the entire prohibition! Never closed its doors! The reason being, Buffalo Traces bourbon has medicinal properties! đŸ˜‰

Stacked full of delicious bourbon!

It’s like walking into a time capsule… A wonderful, caramel and mash scented time capsule! As soon as you get out of your car, the aroma of the product and the process instantly engulfs you and carries you into a bourbon wonderland! The buildings have been refurbished, rebuilt, and added onto so many times it tells a story!

All the bourbon is made from the finest non-GMO mash, Kentucky water, and left to sit in the unique seasons in an open air building. This is what gives Buffalo Trace bourbons their unique flavor and body!

Buffalo Trace distillery stands where a “weigh station” of sorts stood back in the time of Daniel Boon that housed barrels of goods that were shipped all over the area. In 1858, a small distillery was erected next to the warehouse.

Going through the small batch warehouse was very interesting. These are the prize products of Buffalo Trace and are enjoyed world wide by many. Nowadays, Buffalo Trace offers much more than just bourbon. They now distill vodka and produce a bourbon creme liquor (much like Baileys Irish Cream).

Buffalo Trace is a nationally renowned and award winning bourbon distillery that is open to the public on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail! They offer tours and are unique in that their tours are FREE! At the end of the tour, everyone 21 years of age and older gets to sample some of their great products! For more information check our their website here! And if you’d like more information about the Bourbon Trail, check out the website here!

Have fun and please drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive!


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