Adventure Throwback: Parasailing in the Gulf

This adventure throwback comes to you from Anna Maria Island, Florida! My friends and I went there in 2009 after our first year at college. We stayed at one of their aunts condos that was within walking distance from the beach. This quiet, lazy island lives in the gulf and is full of adventure and entertainment for all ages. We thought that it might be too “old” for us fresh college kids, but we had a blast! One day, two of us were brave enough to go parasailing for the first time. So we called up YOLO Parasailing and made the reservation! They were totally cool and helpful with beginners and the people we went out with were cool too… they were a mom and son.

They gave us a CD of pictures from the excursion and it included some stock photos of being up in the sky. We weren’t allowed to take cameras up there (for obvious liability reasons) but they had someone who went up and took photos for them so we could relive the memory of soaring over the gulf.

It was partly cloudy outside which was perfect. We didn’t have the sun beating down on us all day. Our pasty white, mainland skin was in dire need of a shady day. As soon as we got out far enough they had us rig into our harnesses/life-vests and get a run down of safety procedures.

Dan and I flying!

Then as soon as we got into the harnesses we were up, up, and away with a badass skull and crossbones sail! It was epic!

My friend, Daniel, and I soaring above the ocean!

And a surprise DUNK in the water after we saw turtles and manatees from up above!

A safe landing was had for all aboard the YOLO boat and the crazy, but professional crew got us safely back home. What an adventure!

A fun fact about AMI, FL: Damn near everything has the word “manatee” in the name…EVERYTHING…though it’s not quite as bad as all the peach names in Atlanta!


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