Fox Rent-A-Car: Start your UHHGGG now.

Back in July, I wrote about how my husband and I (okay… it was mostly me and my aunt) planned our honeymoon to Myrtle Beach, SC. We had chose Fox Rent-a-Car for our rental needs due to a seemingly amazing deal on The ease of which renting online was excellent. We were able to quickly put in the airport and select the car we wanted (which was solely based on price because we are broke). We chose an economy car (such as Yaris, Accent, etc) for the week since it was just two of us with one suitcase. We wanted a car that was easy on the wallet and the environment! Yay, Earth!

From Fox Rent-a-Car website.


Fox has a convenient location right at Myrtle Beach International Airport that is within walking distance from baggage. Some of the walk is outside, so dress appropriately for South Carolina weather! They are in a car rental building with many other companies; but each company is clearly labeled with their own dedicated lines and consultants.


The price was the thing that attracted us to Fox Rent-a-Car in the first place. For one week, unlimited miles, with an economy car it was $224.00. At the time of booking with Cheapoair, you only need to pay the booking fee ($15) and the rest of the payment is due at pick-up. Keep in mind, my aunt was supposed to pay for our car rental (as she paid for the $15 booking fee and was under the impression that when we picked up the car in SC, the rest of the payment would go to HER credit card).


Pick-up is where the interesting part started. No problems pulling up our reservation or with car availability, thankfully… but, the car was twice as expensive as it was on our reservation invoice of $224. They charged us a deposit of $150, a flat daily surcharge, energy recovery fee, and vehicle license fee… all on top of the surcharges on Cheapoair! UHG! No where on did it say what other charges would be included at pick-up.

Then they try to get you to buy all kinds of insurances and other options (GPS, etc.). The only one we fell for was pre-paying gas (the option where you don’t have to fill the tank before you return it. Frankly, it took us like 30 minutes to pick up this car and we didn’t want to have to deal with them again. Their consultants were VERY pushy and did not want to take NO for an answer!

Then, we weren’t even able to put the car on my aunts credit card. They had to put it on mine (which has a limited balance as I am a semi-recent college grad with no credit and a limited income). We were put on the spot and my credit card was nearly maxed out! Lesson learned. 


Drop-off was much more enjoyable than picking up the car. We just pulled back into the rental area at the airport and into the Fox drop-off aisle. A nice lady met us out there, scanned the barcode on the car, did a brief inspection and asked us a few questions about the car’s operating quality, printed our receipt and we were on our way!

Car quality/Options

I can’t really say much about the options for cars. We don’t typically get options on rentals since our phones have GPS navigation and we aren’t high maintenance people. 🙂

But I can account for the quality of the vehicles offered. We rented a black Mazda Mazda2 for the week. It’s a tiny little thing; but Mazda makes a good product. The car was well maintained with a new brake job… seriously, those brakes were touchy (one big toe on the break and it was stopping). It was a very basic model (as per our request) but it got great gas mileage. We only had to get gas once that week!

Customer Service

Mostly terrible. The people we talked to with picking up were rude, pushy, and tried to guilt us into getting add-ons. Thankfully, I’m stubborn and cheap and they didn’t get away with picking our pockets. Had to call the customer service line and see about getting our deposit back and getting refunded for an unknown charge and the representative was rude and you could definitely tell they hated their job and life-in-general.



Unlimited miles, super easy to reserve car, recognizable car manufacturers, easy features within cars.


Pushy customer service (know what you want when you get to the counter), not a whole lot of vehicle selection (we only had one car to pick from), took forever to get our deposit back to us, hidden fees galore, phone customer service was insatiable.


They have quite a few means of contact that get very specific to the issue. It is best to click here to access their website for more contact/booking information.


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