Lighthouses of the Outerbanks

This past summer, my fiance and I went to Kill Devil Hills, NC for his graduation present. We did a lot in the 6 days we were there, including randomly driving around to a couple of lighthouses. Fortunately, the weather was perfect the whole week we were there…but unfortunately, we missed visiting hours for both lighthouses we made it to. Thankfully you can still walk around the grounds around the lighthouses (which means seeing these things is FREE, people!)!

Bodie Island Lighthouse – taken by me!

With Bodie Island, we caught it in the evening right as a brief rainstorm was clearing out and left a crisp blue sky and a wonderful double rainbow appeared picturesque behind the marvel. Bodie is beautiful to visit in the evening. There is a lot of open land and it can get hot walking around in the beaming sun. There is plenty of parking and plenty of angles to take photos.

Currituck Lighthouse – taken by me!

It was a mostly cloudy day when we made it to the Currituck Lighthouse but it created a very cool “filter” look in the picture. The grounds around the lighthouse were packed with people and we were lucky to get the shot of it that we did with minimal intrusions. The land around Currituck is more or less a wooded park and offers a good amount of shade and things to do after you visit the lighthouse… and it’s in a cool part of town! If you keep going, you can even drive straight off the main road and onto a beach (assuming you’re not in a Mazda3…) where they offer unique and romantic beach horseback tours.

Both lighthouses we’ve seen in our OBX adventures so far have been unique in some way and have such a unique personality and story behind them. Maybe next time we visit the Outerbanks we’ll actually go up in one and see a few more!


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