Spirit in the Sky – 1st Experience with Spirit Airlines Pt.1

My honey and I are gearing up and polishing the finishing touches on our wedding plans – yet we are still working on our honeymoon! We just needed to figure out how to get to our honeymoon! Initially, we were just going to drive down to Myrtle Beach; but quickly decided against it when we realized that it is 3 hours longer driving there from our new home in Cleveland versus where we lived before. 12 hours driving ONE way?! NO WAY. So we started looking into airlines… My aunt and I put our heads together over the weekend and we both found some awesome deals!

Deal #1 was through Fox Rent-A-Car at the MYR Airport. We got an economy rental car for one week for $224.00! Everywhere else for economy car rentals wanted at least $250 and even upwards of $360! It’s amazing how these rental car companies vary. We honestly just want a car that isn’t going to die on us yet is fuel efficient and since it’s just the two of us we don’t mind that it’s a small car! The best part about this is that we only had to put $15 down until we got the car. Nice and easy! (Will review the rental experience once we get down there.)

Deal #2 is the important one. Since we had a way to get around we needed a way to get there! My aunt found two tickets to Myrtle Beach via Spirit Airlines for $312 round-trip. That’s cheaper than the fares on Spirit.com!

We found out a lot about Spirit really quick. For one, they don’t allow any free baggage except for one personal item (like a purse or small backpack). And baggage fees are outrageous… estimated at about $150 alone just for baggage (one carry-on, one checked bag round-trip buying early online)!

Then they also want to charge you for your seats… they pressure you to to BUY your seat assignments! That was a new concept for me.They do allow you to have the seats auto-picked when you get to the check-in kiosk but don’t guarantee that you will be with other members of your party.

So for the break-down of the price:

$312.36 total for 2 people round-trip ($238.10 for flight and $74.26 for taxes)

if we did pay for the cheapest seats ($11/person) that would add on another $44 and go up to $100 for the big seats.So now we’re up to $356.36-412.36.Add in that $150.00 for baggage that I previously estimated… Now we’re up to $506.36-562.36.

I also had an issue with Spirit.com not taking the hyphen in my last names. On my frequent flyer member page, it says my last name is xxxxx xxxxxxxxx instead of xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx like it is on my license. Then on the itinerary, it says my last name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You wouldn’t think one little hyphen would be such a big deal to fix… Apparently it is. It took them almost 40 minutes to fix the hyphen between my two last names due to their technology running slow and a slight language discrepancy between me and the Customer Service Associate. Bye-bye, 30 minute lunch break!

So far, I’m in between with my opinion on Spirit Airlines… I’ve heard some sketchy things and I’ve heard great things. I guess I just have to give it a go!


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