Trip Tip Tuesday: Honeymoon Registries

Wedding registries have a knack for being a bit taboo even though they’re purpose is to aid the newly weds into their new lifestyle. Nowadays, registries are almost necessary for new couples due to rising living costs! More often than not, couples will create a registry for home goods and other such things; but more and more they are signing on to a new style of registry called the honeymoon registry!

Honeymoon registries are definitely for those newly weds bitten by the travel bug and those who wish to tempt the bug into biting. They are a way to create a registry of travel wishes. For example, my fiance and I are going to North Myrtle Beach for our honeymoon and on our registry we put a snorkeling package for 2 on there for $80.00 because we’ve never snorkeled before. These registries help you put your family and friends gifts to good use and enable you and your honey to try new things, get out of your comfort zone, and  give you the honeymoon of a lifetime.

These registries aren’t difficult to set up or find. We just did a Google search and a whole list popped up! One thing to note, is that when you pick a website to use for your honeymoon registry is to read the FAQ’s to find out how you get what is on your registry. One site might deal directly with your activity/hotel/restaurant and another might just give you a check to purchase the actual goods (a nicer way of asking for money). We eventually went with for our registry. was a definite close second!

Our best advice is to pick a site that is ethical and is easiest to use for you and your guests. We chose HoneyFund because it has a nice user interface and gives guests a few options on how to pay. Once you’ve picked the right one for you, you get to pick what goes on there! But how do you pick what to put on there? Easy… if it’s something new, add it. If it’s a favorite thing to do, add it! We always kayak where ever we go so we added that but we added snorkeling since we’ve never done that before!

Now, how do you price the items? This takes a little bit more research. The websites will give you suggestions on some activities and using those can suffice but if you want exact numbers it’s good to do some research on places and prices of activities. It’s also courteous to provide a number to call or a website on your registry for business you looked into for activities. This is good because it helps guests see things for themselves and can provide an outlet for guests to surprise the couple with things to do!

Great! Your registry is set up and almost ready to publish; but you’ve got a TON of stuff on there! Time to narrow it down! Things can get carried away when setting up a honeymoon registry. You want to do everything but you only have a week to do it all – so time to start cutting the weak links. Shave off items that are things you may have done before in order to try something new! Another way to cut down is to get real… real frugal. Not everyone is made of money and that limo you want to drive you everywhere isn’t realistic for everyone on your guest list to afford. You want things of all price ranges but they don’t all have to be in the upper price ranges. Now you’re set. Publish it and send it out (of course, whilst following proper registry etiquette)

All-in-all, these are a great resource for newly weds to have the adventure of a lifetime and really kick off into married life! I know I am excited about mine and am counting down the days till my toes are in the sand! Here are a few last minute things to remember to include on your registry:

  1. Travel Expenses – you have to get there, right? It could be help with gas money or airfare, travel expenses are a necessary evil.
  2. Food/Drink – You also have to eat! The drinking is a luxury activity, but having a nice candle light dinner is a must for any honeymoon! And… a nice bottle of wine couldn’t hurt!
  3. Photo Album/ Waterproof Camera – You’ll thank me later for this. Waterproof cameras are ncie to have around because you never know what you’re going to do! And you’ll definitely want a photo album to put all of your memories in!

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