A New Adventure Awaits

…And I need your help! I’m excited to announce that me, my husband, and two of our good friends from college are all planning a trip together for this summer. It’s awesome to finally have a good group of friends that are also bitten by the travel bug as bad as I am and we’re excited to finally be taking a trip together. We’ve been talking about it for a while.

We’ve decided to go to Toronto, ON some time this summer. It will be the first time my husband and I have ever been outside the USA. You’d think living so close to Canada, we’d at least have been there once… But we haven’t and we’re super stoked to get the opportunity to visit a different country!


We’ve already come across a few preliminary issues thus far with our vacation planning and we could use some help since this will be our first vacationing time out-of-country:

  1. Passport vs. Passport Card – Should we just go ahead and spend the money to get our full passport or save some money now and just get the passport card? Canada is the only out of country travel for this year; but next year we’re thinking a cruise to the Caribbean with another group of friends.
  2. What are some good things to do in Toronto? Yeah we know about the CN Tower… But what would you recommend we explore?
  3. What should we know about crossing the border? Since we do live so close (54-ish miles), we’ve decided to drive to Toronto. What do we need to know about driving into another country?
  4. Any other need-to-know tidbits about traveling in Canada?  Uhhggg… What am I forgetting? Everything?

We’re all actively doing research but we’d appreciate any insight we can get from fellow travelers or natives.




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