#WLW Sending Letters to Yourself

Through my travels, I often find that I don’t always have the time and energy to fully document my experiences. Most of my adventures stay in my memories despite my best efforts to document them in my travel journal to have something to look back on. I’ve found a good way to make sure I have that physical representation of my travels and not have to spend a whole bunch of time and money doing so.


Yup, you heard correct. Old fashioned snail-mail to yourself. Postcards are cheap, representative of where you’re visiting, and allow you to write down what you experienced that day.

What I like to do, is at the end of every day I’m on vacation, I sit down and write myself a postcard (and one to my mother, too) and talk about what we did that day… Then mail it out the next morning. Places we visited, liked, didn’t like, people we met… All there for when we get home and I can put them together in a book. It’s a unique way to keep a travel journal.

There are a few different ways to go about binding your travel postcards. I simply punch holes in one side and put a binder ring through them to keep them all together. Much like the author of this blog did HERE. This is probably the least labor intensive way to go about doing it but it keeps the keepsakes together for future viewing.

Another way to bind them that I thought was super cool is by making them into a cool, vintage-style book. There’s a cool blog post that explains one way to do this HERE.

How do you like to document your adventures?



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