Wyndham Bonnet Creek: Tips and Tricks

Earlier this week, I posted my review on the astounding Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL. It was my basic review; but I wanted to do more. This, primarily, because it is the biggest resort I’ve been to and there’s so much to talk about and share!

I have devised a list of helpful hints to help make your next stay at Bonnet Creek even more amazing than it already will be:

  1. Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled check-in. This is a very busy resort and it is important to time things properly. Arriving early is okay because it lets them know you’re here and you may even be able to check in to your room early if it is ready. When we arrived, our room was not ready yet but we gave them our cell phone number and went exploring around the resort. They called us about 20 minutes later to tell us our room was ready.
  2. Upon arrival, notify the entry gate attendant if you’re going to have people visit you. Bonnet Creek does allow visitors; but it is important to let them know so the visitor can enter the property without problems. Each car you have (including visitors) will need to get a window tag to show the guards that they are allowed to be on site. If the car doesn’t have a tag, it could get towed.
  3. Take about an hour to explore the resort. Once you get settled into your room, throw on your swimsuit, go out, and walk through the resort. There is a walking path that goes around the entire resort, so you won’t miss a thing. Take note of all the pool areas, where the main building is in relation to your room, what may be closed, etc. This is also a good opportunity to check out what dining/bars are available and see what daily activities are taking place.
  4. Try not to dine on-site too much. Though the dining at Bonnet Creek is fantastic, reserve it for a special occasion or two. The reason being is that it can get rather expensive. As mentioned in a previous post, just ordering the on-site pizza delivery was $170 (no tax/gratuity/fees included) for 3 pizzas and two 20-packs of wings. Drinks at the bars are average price, so those are good to go! Drink up, my friends!
  5. Change up your lounging location. There are 5 pools, 8 hot tubs, and 2 lazy rivers to experience. Each pool area has a unique personality and amenities. One area is a ship, another is pirate themed, and our favorite was a swanky, elegant spa-like pool. Some are more kid-friendly and some are more adult friendly. But they each offer something cool that will make your experience fun.
  6. For all that is good in the world, GO TO THE SPA. My aunts, cousin, and I went to Blue Harmony Spa for a girls morning retreat while the men-folk cleaned the condo. It is absolutely heaven on Earth. You feel better just walking through the front door. They offer just about everything you could think of and the amenities on site are amazing as well – including color therapy showers, organic lotions/scrubs, private hot tub, sun lounge, relaxation lounge with teas and refreshments. I wish I could have spent 3 days there.
  7. Grill out using one of their free public grills. Marinate some steaks and grill out in the wonderful Florida sun. The free-to-use gas grills are conveniently placed near pools, so no one has to go far from fun or sun to get their grub on. We grilled out a few times during our week at Bonnet Creek and it was perfection. Not only were the grills well maintained, but we had some great grill masters in our travel group. Each grilling area is complete with a cleaning brush, temperature gages, picnic tables in sun and in shade.
  8. Lastly, make sure you keep track of all the resort items. This means the beach towel you have to rent, the kitchenware (if you take it down to grill), any rentals you might get, etc. Lose one or accidentally take something home and it can cost you! Unfortunately we had lost a pair of tongs from one of our grilling adventures… But that was the only time we’ve ever lost anything while staying with Wyndham! I’d say that’s a pretty good reputation.

Hope these tips help! Let me know in the comment section if you have any tips for staying at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek.


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