Blue Harmony Spa

This is the colour of peace and infinity. It is regarded of being a cold colour, and has a relaxing effect. Blue is the color of the pituitary gland and the endocrine system. – Via Colorpoint


Blue Harmony Spa is located within the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort – Bonnet Creek, which is conveniently located next door to the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort.


Indoor/outdoor treatment rooms, outdoor relaxation lounge, indoor relaxation lounge, outdoor hot tub, fitness center, couples treatment room, steam rooms, and full-service dressing rooms (complete with toiletries, hairbrush, robes/slippers, lockers, color therapy showers, private changing areas).


Massages (including various add-ons such as hot stones and aromatherapy, body treatments, hair masks, skincare treatments, mani-pedi’s, and spa packages.

For a full list of their services and packages, please click HERE for their menu.

My Experience

It was a wonderful surprise when my aunts woke my cousin and I up early one morning and told us we were going to the on-site spa for some girl time

  1. The Dressing Rooms: Aside from the serene lobby, the dressing rooms was my first impression of the spa. Let me just say it was a good impression. Everyone get’s their own locker with a key that has fresh robes and slippers inside for us to use. Also in the dressing room, there is a lounge area for changing, a vanity that comes complete with hair brushes, hair dryer, skin scrubs/washes/lotions, and mouthwash.
    1. Leaving the initial changing area, you’ll find that the steam room and the color therapy showers that have multiple shower heads. I think one has 12? The spa specialists encouraged us to use the showers to cleanse ourselves and use the color therapy to get ourselves in a relaxed state of mind. I chose blue to aid my throat chakra as I have thyroid disease and it is said to help.
  2. The Relaxation Lounge: Once we were changed and cleansed, we were ushered into the relaxation lounge where big plushy chairs and a buffet bar set up with dried fruits, chocolate covered berries, and customizable teas (warm and chilled). Quiet, serene music played overhead and we chilled out and unwound while we awaited our massages.
    1. Connecting to the Relaxation Lounge is the outdoor relaxation patio. It has a few lounge chairs, lots of greenery, and a semi-private hot tub. We attempted to sit outside for a bit but at 9:30 AM, the Florida humidity was in full force. After our massages ended, I did soak my feet in the hot tub while waiting for the aunts to get their massages.
  3. Our Massages: There were two massage therapists working that morning, so we got to go two at a time. The four of us were all getting scalp/neck massages with aromatherapy and a hair mask. When my cousin and I left, we found out we were both in one room… The couples room! Haha! Thankfully, it wasn’t set up to be romantic since we were just getting scalp massages – so it wasn’t weird at all.

The massage was fantastic. I had never had a scalp massage before, but I will definitely be getting more in the future. I do suffer from migraines and tension headaches and it seemed to help in the following days.

My masseur was very professional and calming.  In a quiet voice, he kept me informed about the massage process. I was in a 30 minute trance-like state that resulted in me feeling like jelly for the rest of the day. Once the massage was through, he then applied the hair mask. Like I mentioned before, I live with thyroid disease and have dry, brittle hair. The hair mask did WONDERS for my hair and scalp. It stayed in for about an hour and it smelled absolutely amazing.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the spa so you leave feeling beautiful and radiant on the inside and outside!

4. Afterward: After the four of us finished our massages, we all went and relaxed in the steam room for a while – complete with cucumbers! It was a great way to end our time at the Blue Harmony Spa. As we were leaving, the spa specialists gave us some parting gifts of samples of all-natural and organic lotions, body oil, and scrubs.

I definitely would give Blue Harmony Spa:



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