A Night Out in Downtown Disney

When my family and I went to Orlando this past October, it was the first time we had all traveled together as adults. Us 20-somethings were excited to be able to go out for a night on the town, sans aunts (though our aunts are pretty awesome and can totally hang with the younger crowd). My best friend drove in from Tampa and we decided to go to Downtown Disney for the evening.

Downtown Disney is cool because there’s so many entertainment options. They have theaters, arcades, clubs, restaurants, shopping, and rides… and free parking! Getting there from our resort was a little weird. Our aunts dropped us off but there was so much traffic (probably due to Cirque du Soleil or Blue Man Group…which ever was in town that night), that they had to drop us off on the main road! Talk about awkward.

People… People everywhere!

Once we got into Downtown Disney, it got better. People went into the theaters and shows and, though it was still super busy, we were able to explore the area. We mostly just walked around through all the shops and stopped at a few of the tiki/bar stands to grab a refreshing margarita or beer and watched all of the amazing street performers.


Our favorite performer of the night was definitely the didgeridoo player. He was fantastic and his performance was relevant and interesting. He used a backtrack. We also saw an acoustic duo play while we sipped margaritas on a patio. There was a TON of live music – a new artist every hundred feet or so.

Musicians at a tiki bar.

We did hit up the Rainforest Cafe for a bite to eat and to escape the constant Florida humidity for a while. It was alright. We just got some appetizers – but it was super busy and loud in there. The best part of the Cafe was the gift shop!

The volcano erupts every few minutes. 

Once we got through all the entertainment stuff, we began going through the “kid” stuff… AKA the Lego Store and the new Star Wars store! We had a blast in the Star Wars store creating our own droids and lightsabers.

Ugh! He has a backwards leg in this photo… I eventually found a proper leg. 

We did a lot that night… danced, sang karaoke, and got our 10,000 steps in. But there was so much more to experience! Next time, I want to try the hot air balloon ride and maybe Bongos Cuban Cafe or Catal for dinner!


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