Back in the Saddle

With the summer sun high in the sky, all things are falling into place for my summer adventures. Not that I have a ton of traveling planned for this summer – But my hiatus is over (again).

This summer, my husband and I were supposed to be going to Toronto with some friends from college. Getting a passport turned out to be more of a process than any of us thought it would be. My husband and I only got passport cards. I filled out my application and turned it in exactly one week before my husband did and from the same passport center, working with the same person and his card still finished faster than mine. Apparently mine was misplaced for a while and I got it a week after my husbands. It was crazy.

Between our passport issues and our friends passport issues, we didn’t go to Canada. It was majorly disappointing. Thankfully, we hadn’t yet booked any hotels or anything – so we didn’t have to worry about refunds and red tape.

Bummed from our failed vacation, the four of us decided to have a stay-cation down south in Columbus, Ohio at our friends apartment a few weeks ago. They live just outside of downtown C-bus and offered to house us for a long weekend to show us around town, experience delicious local eateries, and attending a lot of the cool locations Columbus has to offer. Good times were had!

We began our stay-cation with a walkabout through Easton Town Center and having lunch at BiBiBop and dessert at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (splendid, indeed!). Then completing the day with tribute to our college days by going to Wine Night at the local Kroger store (yeah, we’re classy). Then  spending the evening downtown by the river, indulging ourselves in (more) cocktails and a light dinner at Milestone 229.

Our view just outside the Milestone 229.

After dinner, we took a stroll through the new park and captured a few sights.

More beautiful views!

Saturday, we spent the day walking downtown visiting all the local shops and the Pride Festival – having a spot of mead over at Brothers Drake before heading over to the Little Palace for some dinner.

Many buildings in downtown were lit up for the Pride festival.
Sampler at Brothers Drake.
Putting on the parade!

Sunday was a lazy day. We woke up late and made quiche and parfaits before going to the Columbus Museum of Art for some cultural education. We got Saufs coffee (and some of their Snickerdoodle roast to take home) before making our 2 hour trip back up north.

Barrel on a rope? Why not. It’s art!
Ourdoor installation.

It was a great weekend capped off by coming home to see the Cleveland Cavalier’s bring home the championship!!

Ohio rules.


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