US Women’s National Soccer Team – Orlando!

While we were in FL this past October, my family was fortunate enough to experience a soccer match between the US Women’s National Team and Brazil’s Women’s National Team.

It was shortly after the amazing World Cup win in Canada last year that my family and I made it a point to see these athletes play in person. It appeared to be destiny when I was searching the Orlando tourism page’s activities calendar for the month of October and happened upon a USWNT match taking place the week we were to be visiting the lovely city.

My aunts, for those of you who don’t know, are extremely spontaneous and if they can accommodate things, they will. So when I told them that the USWNT was playing in Orlando the week we were to be in town, they immediately got 8 tickets.

It was an awesome experience.  The Orlando City Citrus Bowl Stadium is beautiful and accommodating to everyone. It was humbling to be surrounded by the soccer fandom – specifically a fandom as enthusiastic and supportive as that of the USWNT. It’s truly something special.

And we handedly won!

It turned out to be a very memorable experience, maybe too memorable for my best friend who went with us. We were walking along the main concourse looking for a not-so-busy beer stand when an inebriated gentleman stepped on my best friend’s foot. She was in a lot of pain but brushed it off because he was a big guy – it was going to hurt having her foot stepped on by him. She was limping on the walk back to the car at the end of the game.

Come to find out the next day, she’s unable to walk on it at work so she heads to the doctor. Her pinky toe broken! This guy broke her toe.

It was a good time! 😛


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