#WLW 5 Easy Ways To Ignite The Travel Fire

More often than not, traveling seems like a dream that we just can’t make reality. Sometimes we get caught up in the finances or become married to our jobs and we can’t quite crawl out of that hole. I can definitely relate to that – and on top of being married to my old job, I live with anxiety. So traveling definitely seemed impossible. We all have our struggles and we all have goals in mind to get us out of those ruts. If you’re one of these people and you’re bitten by the travel bug, let me show you five easy ways to make travel seem more possible no matter what your situation is or how busy you are.

  1. Set a date – this definitely gets the creative juices flowing. Schedule a date you want to leave home and go on a vacation. Psychologically, that can make it more real to you and help you work to get that goal accomplished. A note about this, you should probably set the date at 6-12 months out so you have time to prepare.

  2. “Window” shop online – Nothing gets me more motivated to travel like looking at pictures of paradise online when I’m feeling blue. Go to websites and follow linked in information. I call it web jumping and it can take you on a different kind of adventure and give you tons of useful information that you may not have found just looking at all the usual travel sites.

  3. Start a change jar – Traveling for us regular people is a long-term investment and a change jar is an easy and visual way to start saving money. If you have kids, this is a great hands on way to teach them the importance of saving money and financing to reach certain goals (whether it’s for more laid-back things like travel or if it’s for pressing matters like an education). Plus it’s fun to then go on vacation!

  4. Start Small – Go somewhere close by! I lived in Richmond, Kentucky for 6 years and was still finding new things to do (which is doubly surprising considering it’s Richmond). It’s important to constantly search for something new and exciting where you live so you don’t get cabin fever. You’ll notice very quickly that you’ll learn your hometown like the back of your hand.

  5. Slowly get things in order – If you’ve made a long-term travel goal that requires much planning and you are in need of motivation, you can start making arrangements slowly, over time. For instance, two months from now, book your transportation and then 2 months from that, book a hotel! That way, you’re not financially killing yourself and you’re setting vacation milestones to look forward to to keep the fire going!


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